Politics in Pandemic Times

Politics in pandemic times


The Fourth RITCS Symposium on Art and Politics will be held on December 15-17, 2020. Three days of talks, exchanges, presentations and discussions on urgent themes: the return of biopolitics in the age of pandemics (by the students of Lieven De Cauter), protest in pandemic times (by the students of Dieter Lesage) and finally postcolonial (and posthumanist) perspectives on the Covid19 situation (by the students of Geert Opsomer).

The symposium will be held behind closed RITCS-doors. For obvious reasons. But all its output will be posted from the 15th December 2020 onwards: blogs, podcasts, reports, clips, interviews, mini lectures, etc…. Keep an eye on ritcs.be. Also our radiostation XL AIR will be one of our channels. Many more news outlets and platforms are eager to post material of this most relevant and urgent event on one of the brain-breakers of our time, the corona crisis. In fact, it is worse than a brain-breaker, it is a heartbreaking depressing period, if only because we cannot invite you all for those three days. But stay tuned, you will be flooded with enlightening perspectives. See you then, one way or another!