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The “acting” track (language: Dutch) takes the form of a simulation of a full year in the professional field, by participating in two or three fully-fledged in-school professional productions directed by experienced artists and by an internship. This track presupposes considerable experience in the concerned artistic activities. 

This MA programme is hosted by the theatre department ( of RITCS | School of Arts, which also organizes BA programs in acting, directing and theatre technique (production, light design, set design, sound and video). Our MA programme welcomes prospective candidates with a Bachelor degree in Performing Arts. The RITCS Master of Theatre is internationally acknowledged and accredited by the NVAO.

You will work in an interdisciplinary environment aimed at the development of your personal work as an actor, whether this work is developed individually or in close collaboration with other artists. You will work within the broad field of (music) theatre and performance art. The backbone of this tailor-made MA programme will be taken up by your practice-based artistic research, which will be developed in permanent negotiation with an audience and the broader context of the arts world. At the end of the academic year the graduation projects are presented in a festival which the school organizes in collaboration with Bronks (, Kaaitheater ( and KVS (

If you wish to discover more about the program please find further details via 'master'. All the information considering the program and how to apply you can also find in our information brochure.


The MA programme in Theatre offers extensive possibilities of reflexion, research and consultation and focuses on individual and collective artistic research, critical (self-) reflexion, autonomy, interdisciplinarity and dialogue.

Twice a year (at the beginning of the academic year and at the end of April) you will have the opportunity to present your individual work(-in-progress). You will work with students from the technical theatre programme who will support you in realizing your own work in professional circumstances. 

The content of the acting programme will be developed by the artistic staff of the school and aims at offering you the highest challenge possible as an actor, by inviting you to participate in three challenging and very different artistic projects.

If you wish to discover more about the program please find further details via 'master'. All the information considering the program and how to apply you can also find in our information brochure

The programme consists of the following modules:

  • A topical seminar in the field of political theory, philosophy, cultural theory or art theory;
  • The presentation of your individual work (solo);
  • (optional) participation in the RITCS Winter School: a collective thematic module or research block hosted by RITCS staff members and featuring artists of international reputation (elective);
  • Collective and individual feedback sessions;
  • Two in-house professional productions directed by well-known director or theatre maker. The result of this professional experience is a full-fledge theatre production touring on different locations. Prior projects have been RITCS School of ARTS – directed by artists as divers as Gerardjan Rijnders, Jeroen De Man (Warme Winkel), Stef Lernous (Abattoir Fermé), Peter Vandenbegin, Manja Topper (dood paard), Chiel Van Berkel, Sarah Moeremans and others.
  • One of these two productions can be replaced by an internship
  • The MA graduation project in collaboration with Kaaitheater

Collaborations have been set up with the following institutions: Conservatoire de Liège, Theaterschool Amsterdam (Mime-opleiding), Rietveldacademie (Amsterdam), Université Paris Ouest La Défense Nanterre (Paris), Kaaitheater (Brussels), Beursschouwburg (Brussels), BrakkeGrond (Amsterdam), kc Nona (Mechelen), Bronks and many others.

Teaching staff

The Master in Theatre is coordinated by a mentor who will act as your artistic and intellectual sparring partner throughout the year, together with a team of staff members.

The programme works with a wide variety of artists, dramaturges and academics, including: Dirk Verstockt (dramaturge, director, critic), Eurudike De Beul (singer, Peeping Tom), Ruud Gielens (actor, director), Stef Lernous (director Abattoir Fermé), Geert Opsomer (dramaturgy), Karel Vanhaesebrouck (theory), Raven Ruëll (director), Klaas Tindemans (dramaturgy), Harry Cole (light design), Carly Wijs (actor, director), Tania van der Sanden (actor), Sanja Mitrovic (director, performer), Tom Dupont (writer, director) and many others. Students in the directing track can propose their own coaches. The theory seminars are taught by our in-house professors Lieven De Cauter, Geert Opsomer, and Dominiek Hoens.



Students holding a Flemish BA degree in Drama (acting) have direct access to the MA programme in Performing Arts (acting). However, participating in the auditions and subsequent workshop is highly recommended. All other candidates should follow the application procedure. For full information on how to apply, we would like to ask you to consult our information brochure with all further details on the procedure and minimum requirements

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Important dates

03.05.2019: audition
24.06.2019 - 27.06.2019: workshop