Het Leven van Esteban
Bachelor and Master in Audiovisual Arts


Your training in details


In the Writing programme you will be introduced to the art of storytelling. You will learn how to create stories for various genres and media.

The basis is the fiction scenario. After an extensive general introduction to the audiovisual medium, you will be able to familiarize yourself further with the technical and theoretical aspects of scriptwriting. As the course progresses, the view expands to other narrative forms and storytelling traditions. Radio, documentary and animation are also included, as are prose, theatre, graphic novel, etc ... Through this multidisciplinary approach you learn to better understand and use the similarities and differences between the various narrative forms. You also get the chance to discover where your personal talents and preferences lie to eventually graduate with a full-fledged master's thesis in the writing discipline of your own choice.

The writing course is based on two main pillars: acquiring writing skills and developing a personal path. In theory classes and workshops, considerable attention is paid to acquiring the necessary theoretical knowledge and craft skills to tell a story in a good way. Gradually the emphasis becomes increasingly focused on developing your own style and personality. A team of skilled teachers, who are often still firmly in practice with both feet, guide you in the difficult search for your own voice. The emphasis shifts from 'How do I tell a story?' to 'Which story do I want to tell and why?'


The aim is to train inventive and versatile story-tellers who can start working in various disciplines and work environments after their studies. Because, whether you work alone or in a writing team, commissioned or on your own initiative, for audiovisual fiction, prose or theatre, the essence remains the same: you create a story for an audience, a story that fascinates and touches them.

 All our classes are in Dutch.

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